What Is Vote With Your Mission?

Vote with Your Mission is a campaign of Momentum Nonprofit Partners to have 100% of eligible nonprofit staff, board members, and volunteers vote. Vote with Your Mission aims to galvanize the power of the nonprofit community and emphasize the importance of voting for the ideals and values that have brought each of us to our nonprofit work. Here’s the top three reasons nonprofits are so effective at voter engagement:


We’re Trusted

We’ve seen the strong trust communities have in nonprofits and their employees. Nonprofits are nonpartisan, meaning we don’t endorse specific candidates or political parties. We can work closely with local election boards, the Secretary of State, and other nonpartisan entities involved in voting.


We’re Present

There are nearly two hundred thousand nonprofit employees in Tennessee. Nonprofits come into contact with tens of thousands of Tennesseans every day. That’s a very effective platform to engage our communities and talk about the importance of voting. 


We’re Committed

Your board members, volunteers and staff work every day to strengthen communities and improve the lives of the people they serve. Voting can turn that same energy into better schools, affordable health care, or a cleaner environment.


Nonprofit Votes Counts!

Question: Why should our nonprofit invest our time in helping our employees, community members and volunteers to vote? Don’t political campaigns already do this and won’t it take a lot of time? 

Answer: Nonprofit voter engagement is a powerful way for nonprofits to “stand up” for their communities during this chaotic time. Registering people to vote, equipping them with information about what’s on their ballot, and reminding them to vote on election day benefits our communities and our sector, far beyond the outcome of any particular election. 

Oftentimes the communities that nonprofits work with (such as people whose primary language isn't English, people of color, and young people) are the same groups ignored by political campaigns. And, we know you’re busy, but not to worry- many Vote with Your Mission activities can be incorporated into work you’re already doing. 

But don’t just take our word for it- check out this research: A new study by Nonprofit VOTE looked at people under 30 who registered to vote or who signed a voter pledge card because a nonprofit asked them to. They found that nonprofits not only engaged a younger, more diverse electorate but that they also significantly increased the likelihood of those voters showing up on election day and voting. (Report: Nonprofit VOTE: Engaging New Voters: The Impact of Nonprofit Voter Outreach on Client and Community Turnout, March 2018). When nonprofits use our voting power, we advance our missions, make our voices heard and change the world for the better.

The goals of Vote with Your Mission are simple: for nonprofits to mobilize their staff, volunteers and constituents as voters and for policymakers to appreciate the nonprofit community as a powerful voting force. So get out there and VOTE!

Have questions about Vote with Your Mission, or want to share with us what your nonprofit is doing to engage voters? We’d love to hear from you- send us an email.