Our Approach

Momentum's approach to training individuals and organizations in our sector rests on the beliefs that the people who work in our organizations matter, and that as our organizations improve, the communities that they serve improve as well. Additionally, we believe that the learning space is important and should be valued.

Here are some of our other guiding beliefs for our training courses: 

  • We believe that it is important to acknowledge each individual. We tap into the experiences, knowledge, and collective wisdom of the learners in the room. 
  • We believe that learning happens differently for each individual. We strive to meet them through a diversity of activities and accessible content. 
  • We believe that participants are entitled to dynamic presentations from knowledgeable facilitators and learning outcomes that are clear, specific, relevant, and contextual.
  • We believe that participants should be able to freely access information and materials so that they can adequately prepare for and apply learning from sessions. 

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