Public Policy and Sector Research

In 2016, nearly 12.3 million jobs across the United States were in nonprofit organizations. This represents 10.2 percent of the total U.S. private sector employment. In Tennessee, 8 percent of employment – 2.5 million people – was held in nonprofit organizations. In Tennessee, 501(c)3 organizations paid approximately $9.5 million in wages with employees earning an average salary of $47,871. Public policy impacts these organizations, individuals, and their/our communities, thus driving the need for Momentum to expand its scope of work to include a focus on public policy and advocacy.

Momentum’s public policy work will aim to:

  • Gather and share with members information about local, state, and federal bills that are of immediate relevance to the general nonprofit sector

  • Liaise between Momentum’s members and another management support organizations throughout Tennessee about state

  • Provide programming and resources for nonprofits to increase knowledge around matters of public policy and advocacy

  • Increase nonprofits’ involvement in civic engagement efforts such as 2020 Census, engaging public officials, and voter registration to amplify the voice of nonprofits and their communities.

As Momentum develops its public policy agenda, programming, and initiatives, and as a member of the National Council of Nonprofits, Momentum will consider the six priority areas outlined in the National Council’s 2019 Public Policy Agenda:

  • Tax Policy: Empowering Community Solutions through Nonprofits

  • Budget & Addressing Community Needs

  • The Economy: Strengthening Communities through Job Creation and Economic Development

  • Public-Private Collaborations for the Public Good

  • Advocacy Rights: Promoting Civic Engagement

  • Public Accountability and Nonprofit Independence: Ensuring Public Trust.

In order to be representative of nonprofits in the Mid-South, Momentum’s public policy agenda will be developed throughout 2019 with the input Momentum’s member organizations.

Coupled with sector-wide research, the public policy work will complement Momentum’s current efforts to strengthen relationships between nonprofits and government, ensuring that government has an increased understanding of the importance and impact of the nonprofit sector on the community. Programming may include, but is not limited to, quarterly policy calls, panel discussions with political candidates, advocacy roundtables that foster collaboration among nonprofits, and information sharing via online platforms including Momentum’s online platforms (e.g. social media, website, blog, listservs).