The Mid-South Philanthropy Network (formerly Memphis Grantmakers Forum) is a regional membership group created based on the principle that philanthropy is more effective when grantmakers have the opportunity for communication, information exchange, and continuing education. MPN became a program under Momentum in 2018. MPN is the go-to group for information, connection, and leadership among a growing network of grantmakers throughout the Mid-South. Members have access to targeted benefits and services and a powerful link to fellow funders who share a commitment to addressing critical issues affecting citizens and communities regionally and across the state.


  • Get needed support for your work. Momentum is focused on providing services to support and advance the work of our regional philanthropy infrastructure organizations.

  • Build stronger relationships with your peers. MPN is where staff and CEOs of regional and national funders can network with all their colleagues in a dynamic, collaborative learning environment.

  • Have a stronger collective voice. Alongside Momentum, MPN is focused on providing a strong voice for the value and important role of philanthropy’s infrastructure.


  • Network: We provide opportunities to share experiences, ideas, and expertise among funders. 

  • Learn: We provide access to high quality resources, information and tools to teach the best and most effective practice to help you do your best giving.

  • Promote: We magnify the voice and tell the story of philanthropy’s impact by serving as the go-to authority on philanthropy in the Mid-South region.

  • Convene: We foster an environment for collaborative action. We are in a unique position to bring people to the table from across sectors to ask questions, explore solutions and generate new ideas that inspire action. Network programs regularly feature civic leaders and innovators to discuss areas of shared interest with members.

  • Lead: We broker innovative, philanthropic responses to the needs in our region

  • Discounts: Members can take advantage of special rates and discounts on many products and services, including software, D&O insurance, subscriptions and more (available through Momentum’s membership in our national network, United Philanthropy Forum). Member Discounts


    $5000    Leadership

    $1000    Sustaining

    $  500    Regular

    $  250    New Members (first year only)

    Please note that membership fees and other fees related Mid-South Philanthropy Network membership should be considered separate from charitable gifts to Momentum Nonprofit Partners.

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Please note: Mid-South Philanthropy Network (MPN) does not award grants and does not accept proposals seeking financial support.

Non-solicitation Policy: Since a vital role of MPN is to provide an opportunity for grantmakers to meet in a collegial and respectful atmosphere, it is not appropriate to solicit donations at MPN programs, events and other functions. Collaborative grantmaking is encouraged. Organizations that have a dual grantmaking and grantseeking role agree that their development staff will not utilize MPN activities or resources for fundraising/development purposes.