Organizational and Professional Development

At Momentum Nonprofit Partners, we know that a knowledgeable, talented workforce is a key to a successful nonprofit.  Our goal is to ensure access to professional development opportunities for nonprofit employees on all levels of leadership.  We leverage our contacts with local and national experts to bring innovative, relevant content to the Memphis nonprofit community.   

Nonprofit Academy: November 5, 12, 19

Are you serving the sector and approaching your work with excellence? Standards of Excellence to be more precise.
Attend Nonprofit Academy to understand how to implement the six guiding principles  that characterize effective, ethical and accountable nonprofit organizations.


The Six Standards for Excellence
1. Mission, Strategy and Evaluation
2.  Leadership
3.  Legal Compliance and Ethics
4.  Finance and Operations
5.  Resource Development
6. Public Awareness, Engagement and Advocacy

Nonprofit Startups: Myths and Realities
December 5, 2019

Do you have a strong desire to make a difference in your community?
Will starting a nonprofit be the right path for you to make a positive impact? If you answered yes to only one of these questions, this session is for you!

Who Should Attend this Session?  Individuals who are thinking about or have recently started a nonprofit organization.

Connect with Juanita White for more information:


Join us to gain insight on the following:

  • The history of nonprofits in Memphis

  • The nonprofit sector from a national and local perspective

  • Individual readiness for starting a nonprofit organization

  • Steps to take before filing for a charter (board development, impact statement, by-laws, etc.)

  • Regulatory procedures you need to take before your decision to start a nonprofit

  • Alternatives to starting a nonprofit

More Learning Opportunities

Leading Up

We actively support up-and-coming nonprofit professionals through the Leading Up program, which provides intensive leadership development training for those who lead at every level.

Executive Director Boot Camp

Aspiring or new executive directors learn the basic principles of executive management through training, panel discussions with experienced CEOs, and peer learning.

To learn more about Leading Up and Executive Director Boot Camp, connect with Troy Wiggins:

WHEREtoGIVE Design Labs

Creating a profile through the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis’ WHEREtoGIVEMidsouth platform?  Momentum Nonprofit Partners provides free instructional workshops that provide insight on some of the key aspects of the profile.

Connect with April Carter for more information:


Learning Labs: Unlike a traditional training, learning labs are collaborative, interactive, hands-on learning. 

Design Labs: Like learning labs, design labs offer a hands-on approach to learning while providing tangible results in the form of new documents, policies, guiding principles, or fundraising documents. Organizations are often encouraged to bring several staff and board members to provide multiple perspectives for the design process.   

Boot Camps: Boot camps at Momentum are intense! Participants are provided with a high-level overview of specific topics like executive management, human resources, and financial management in a fast-paced, multi-part series.

Cohorts: Learning cohorts include teams from multiple organizations participating in sequential sessions together for up to a year.  These cohorts foster peer learning communities around topics (i.e. impact measurement, fund development, or IT) and/or service areas (i.e. the arts or emergency services).  Cohorts are offered on a limited basis throughout the year and are also available as a contract service.

Peer-Learning Networks


Peer Learning Networks are convened and facilitated by Momentum staff members and provide a supportive network of like-minded peers for nonprofit professionals.   The groups host guest speakers, facilitated conversations, networking, and other learning opportunities. They include networks for:

  • CEOs

  • Finance professionals

  • New and emerging leaders (3 years experience or less in the sector)

  • Capacity builders

  • Grantmakers

Connect with Carol Gaudino for more information:

To learn more about our training policies, download our Training Information and Policies Handbook