Community Initiatives

Effecting positive change in the community is the driver for our daily work and our long-term vision. Strengthening nonprofit organizations and the nonprofit sector is a conduit for influencing broader community change, and building the strength of the nonprofit sector must include an emphasis on increasing equity and accountability throughout the sector. We envision a sector where nonprofit leaders reflect our community demographics and understand the systems and barriers to an equitable landscape and where a high-quality nonprofit workforce is the norm. Our vision is for nonprofits to work alongside philanthropy, business, and government sectors in united efforts to solve community problems.


Community Conversations

Community Conversations are the first step in building the trust and relationships that are necessary to advance equity and inclusion in the nonprofit sector. Quarterly Community Conversations around subjects such as racial and gender equity, LGBTQ inclusion, immigration, and religious tolerance will be convened. Nonprofit organizations will learn how to build their cultural intelligence while dismantling the barriers that their employees and service recipients face.

Community Roundtables

Community Roundtables will identify pressing issues in the nonprofit community, create actionable items for funders, nonprofits, businesses, and government, and promote advocacy for addressing issues that slow the momentum of the nonprofit community. These Community Roundtables will develop specific plans of action for the sector that may include the development of new programming, either within our organization or elsewhere, new collaborations, recommendations for training modules, recommendations for funders, and new data and research.

Roundtables may be a result of Community Conversations or may stand alone.

Listening Tours

Listening Tours are informational sessions about Momentum Nonprofit Partners. The tours take place throughout the community in spaces such as libraries and community centers that are accessible to members and those interested in membership. A nonprofit agency can also host a listening tour at its location.


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