The Organization:
The Humane Society of Memphis and Shelby County (HSMSC) is a 503(b) organization founded in 1933. Its mission is:
     •    To offer refuge, medical care, nourishment and an opportunity for a second chance at  life to injured and abused animals;
     •    To protect animals from cruelty, neglect, carelessness and ignorance;
     •    To foster public sentiment of humanity and gentleness toward animals and promote responsible pet ownership through humane education; and,
     •    To enhance the quality of human life through animal companionship.

With support from animal lovers, the Humane Society is able to help prevent and stop animal abuse as well as help injured animals in Memphis and Shelby County, by providing injured, neglected and abused animals with a safe place to recover, nutritious food and outstanding veterinary care. On average, HSMSC provides sanctuary to over 300 animals at its facility at any given time, with dozens more placed with foster families until they are ready to be adopted.
HSMSC is a private nonprofit organization with a mission of rescuing and rehabilitating injured and abused animals. The Society is funded ENTIRELY through donations from individual donors and businesses, with no government funding. The Humane Society also receives grant funding from various foundations, as awarded. We are 100% reliant on the generosity and support of the public to stay in operation.

The Position:
The Executive Director of the Humane Society of Memphis and Shelby County (HSMSC) reports to the 12-member Board of Directors and provides leadership to all of the Humane Society’s activities. Direct reports include Animal Care Manager, Director of Development and Marketing, Community Outreach & Humane Education Manager and Business Manager.

Specific responsibilities include:
Organizational Leadership
•    Lead the organization in a way that stays true to the Humane Society’s mission.
•    Build teamwork among the entire workforce and volunteers.
•    Demonstrate a passion for the Humane Society’s mission.
•    Establish a collaborative, mutually supportive working relationship with the Board.
•    Build strong relationships with community leaders and advocacy groups.
•    Build relationships with potential donors and foundations.
•    Support the Director of Marketing and Communications in fundraising efforts.
•    Engage staff – supports staff and lauds their successes.
•    Builds trust with staff members.

Leadership Duties
•    Manage expenses to achieve optimum efficiencies.
•    Along with the Director of Marketing & Communications, increases funding to ensure self-sufficiency.
•    With the leadership team, set measurable performance objectives for the Humane Society.
•    Communicate performance standards and monitor progress.
•    Provide the Board with timely, accurate financial and operational activity reports.
•    Provides, and ensure that staff members provide, public information that is factual and reflects favorably of the Humane Society.
•    Accepts responsibility for operational performance.

Experience and Qualifications
•    College degree, any discipline, plus at least ten years of career experience; three of which are in a significant leadership capacity.
•    Previous experience in a multi-functional leadership capacity.
•    Working (or volunteer) experience in an animal care environment.
•    Experience working closely with a multi-discipline Board of Directors.
•    Experience interacting with the public on behalf of the organization.
•    Skillful at speaking before a group about the Humane Society’s mission and initiatives.
•    Experience building teamwork and an engaged culture.
•    Skilled at dissecting problems and proposing viable solutions to operational issues.

To Apply Please Contact:
Allison Gusmus
F&H Solutions Group
1715 Aaron Brenner Drive
Suite 716
Memphis, TN  38120