Facilitating Meetings That Matter

Facilitating Meetings That Matter - April 11, 2018

Meetings matter. Whether it’s three people making a quick decision or 35 people planning a new organizational approach, moving a group towards a productive end requires great planning, facilitation and follow-up. In this workshop, nonprofit professionals will gain insight and understanding about the structures and processes that influence, guide and manage interactions among individuals in a meeting. 

Participants will leave the workshop with:

· practices and tools that can be used before, during and after a meeting. 

· selection criteria that identifies who should be in the room.

· essential design elements needed to plan a successful meeting.

· tips and tactics for facilitating a great meeting. 

Participants should come prepared to reflect on their experiences and identify real-life examples of meetings that were either productive or non-productive. 

Scholarship awards are available to Momentum Member organizations that need financial assistance to attend this workshop. Contact Troy Wiggins at twiggins@momentumnonprofit.org for scholarship requirements and more information.


Social Savvy is the future

So, what does that social savvy organization look like?

Your organization posts at peak times when the majority of your constituents are online. Turns out, that 11:00 AM on a Tuesday rule doesn’t apply to *all* organizations.

The days of calling a 1-800 number are over… and often, nonprofits are interacting with folks that have feedback or questions via social media. Your social savvy organization has transformed customer service. It is now provided over social media to help answer questions quickly and get folks to your pie eating contest fundraiser more quickly!

Volunteers and donors are thanked, enthusiastically and quickly, when they post about your organization. They feel special (#millennials) and appreciated. Plus! You have a huge number of user generated images and quotes to reuse on next week’s content calendar because your social listening abilities are superhuman.

Your board and funders are in awe of the social media growth data you can provide. You are proud of yourself for pulling said data together (including reports!) with just a few clicks.